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Aurovillage 34

In episode 25 B I briefly touched on the notion that so so so many people believe: “no light without darkness”.

To understand the seismic shift that our global society is going through, it is crucial to understand the total insanity of this so often said and heard phrase.

Because if anybody keeps believing this, we can never move our world into a society that knows no suffering.

As I said in that episode, there is NO comparison between a THING and the SITUATION in which that same thing is absent. Let alone to claim that the very EXISTENCE of a THING is CONDITIONED on the situation in which the thing is absent.

To make matters simple: let's take a table. It's clearly a THING, a material manifestation in a certain form. It's matter, it's a physical reality.

Now imagine that you happen to have NO table. Is that a big shocking event? Is that a situation that needs to be given a name? Let's say it is. Let's assume that we find it extremely important that there are tables everywhere, and that the fact that a room has no table needs to be labelled with a specific word, so that we can talk about it without having to say “it has no table in it”. Let's say the situation in which there is no table is called “atablation”. So from now on, we speak about “atablation” as being every situation anywhere that happens to have no table in it. You can see that there are quite a lot of those. It's not really a very unique situation, even though tables are extremely common. I happen to have an “atabled” garden space behind my room.

Now look at how many things we have in our material world. Do we need to have a word for every situation in which any of these items are NOT present? We in fact have an infinite amount of things, there's no end to the number of things that exist in the material world. Giving names to the situations in which they are NOT there will exponentially enlarge dictionaries to the point of blowing them up endlessly. Because we don't only need words for every situation in which 1 item is not present, no, we will also create words for when 2 of the items are not there, or for each combination of 3 absent items, or to describe every situation in which every possible combination of 75,985,644 items of our material world happen to be not present.

Moreover, it will be clear that, in our present world, in which we do NOT have a word to describe “atablation”, there still exist A LOT of tables. These tables seem absolutely not affected by the fact that we do not have the saying: “no table without atablation”.

So if tables can exist totally undisturbed while NOT being conditioned on their absence, why would LIGHT have to be totally conditioned on its absence, being “darkness”?

What is so special about darkness that it would be able to decide on the existence of light? Is there, in this regard, ANY difference between the physical presence of a table and the physical presence of light? And a difference of such magnitude that in the case of a table, having no table anywhere is completely and utterly irrelevant to the existence of that table, but when it comes to light, having no light somewhere is suddenly a basic, existential condition, without which light itself suddenly has no possibility to exist anymore?

Clearly, there is none.

Then why do we have such an obsession with “darkness”? Why is “darkness” such a big deal? It is nothing else but the SITUATION in which light happens to be absent. Which can always happen. Light is a THING, so yes, it might happen to not be present at any given location and any given time.

That does not mean anything else than only THAT: there's no light here. Most probably temporary. Big deal.

So how on earth can someone come to the conclusion that there is “no light without darkness”? What experience, what observation is that based on? Which empirically established fact?

How on earth can someone conclude that the very existence of light is conditioned on the existence of its state of absence? What complete nonsense is this?

Imagine it's not about light, but about me. Does my physical existence in this world in any way DEPEND on the fact that there are also many places in this world where I am not physically present at any given time? Does my existence DEPEND on the fact that one day this physical existence will no longer be there?

Those facts are totally, utterly, completely, 1,000% IRRELEVANT to me existing right here and right now. They have zero influence on that existence, and are absolutely unrelated to it. Let alone the whole metaphysical issue of existence outside of material forms...

The existence of life is completely, utterly, totally, fully unrelated to the fact that sometimes there is no life in a certain form, and then there's 'death'. Just as the existence of light is completely, utterly, totally, fully unrelated to the fact that sometimes there is no light present, and then there's 'darkness'.

So if this “no light without darkness”, “no life without death” is such complete nonsense, then why is it such a wide-spread belief? Why do people actually BELIEVE something that is so easily demonstrated to be total rubbish?

Because this same fallacy is used to irrationally justify and perpetuate the fact that the psychopathic element in our society dominates everything, and brings immense suffering to the world.

Because these sayings about light and life are mere substitutes for the real fallacy that psychopaths want us to believe: “no happiness without suffering”.

Think about that for a moment if you like.

If you believe that there is no light without darkness, that there is no life without death, then you easily will believe that there is no happiness without suffering. Which means that you will be somehow emotionally blocked to imagine a world without suffering.

While living in a world that is filled, 24/7, our whole life, with immense, incredible, astronomical amounts of man-made suffering. None of this suffering is ever needed. We can stop all of it tomorrow. It is US doing this to OURSELVES.

But in order to stop doing this, we need to first be able to believe that it is POSSIBLE to have a world without suffering.

And if you believe that there is “no light without darkness”, you probably can't imagine a world without suffering.

Light exists without the least need for darkness. It couldn't care less about it. It has zero need for darkness in order to exist. In fact, its very presence annihilates the situation of darkness.

Life exists without the least need for death. It couldn't care less about it. It has zero need for death in order to exist. In fact, its very presence annihilates the situation of death.

Happiness exists without the least need for suffering. It couldn't care less about it. It has zero need for suffering in order to exist. In fact, its very presence annihilates the situation of suffering.

Nothing in this world needs darkness.

Nothing in this world needs death.

Nothing in this world needs suffering.

In fact, we all do NOT want it anywhere. We want Light. We want Life. We want Happiness.

And we have all the right in the world to have these. At every moment. In every place. Always, without interruption.

Only extremely mentally sick people want darkness, death and suffering.

These people should not be in charge of our society. Not on the global scale, and not on the local scale. Never, ever, anywhere.

Don't be fooled by false narratives. Think for yourself.

Look at reality with the eyes of a child.

Children don't think that darkness, death and suffering are a “needed condition” to have Light, Life and Happiness. They KNOW the Truth.

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