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Aurovillage 25 B

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

How can a small group of people make the masses do what they want?

The answer is very obvious and simple: they can't. The last option for imposing one's will is physical violence, but that can never work when the few need to physically fight a mob. (Let's leave Kurukshetra aside here – we're not talking about people with superpowers.)

So they can ONLY go back to the other situation, the one in which B actually WANTS what A wants. Now A, an empath, might have good arguments to convince B, but Z, a psychopath, obviously has nothing to say but “because me wants it”: Z does not consider that “the greater good” has the least bit of importance, it is simply meaningless for him. Z will, by his very nature, understand psychology before anyone else. It is what sets him apart, and understanding how the empaths “tick” is his bread and butter. Z will figure out very quickly that it is very easy to “fool” people who are good-willing: if you pretend to be an empath, and push the right “empathic buttons”, the empathy in people will generally trump whatever hesitancy or suspicion they might have. Their nature is to do good and expect good, and that will be there, no matter what. Making others happy, making sure that the group is doing well, is in general circumstances stronger than the drive to make sure that nothing bad happens to the self.

It is really important to keep in mind that in a normal setting, empaths have no reason to learn psychology, have no reason to suspect that something might not be all hunky-dory in the world: almost ALL of the people they interact with have an innate understanding and experience of empathy. As I briefly described in episode 20B, being “gullible” is considered dumb and negative in our present society, so we have somehow understood that all is not as rosy as it seems. But still, even THAT is clearly used against us, because we are not looking into the reasons why 'expecting people to be good' is somehow a bad thing: we are simply trained that being duped is stupid and that we are dumb/lesser/not-accepted-by-our-group if we behave in such a way. The fact that it goes against our very nature is not addressed, and we are indoctrinated by experience to unconsciously accept that at least some good parts of our nature are in fact bad and should be reprogrammed.

That is an example of the lengths Z will go to make sure Z gets what Z wants. Given enough time, Z and his ilk will turn deception into the most elaborate art-form on the planet.

Because it will be clear that Z originally did not even want to have words like “duped” around his actions. He first tried to come across as really honest and good-willing and empathic. But that can only last so long: at one point, everybody will see that Z is never doing anything for anybody else. By that time, Z has gotten to understand already a lot more of the empaths. First of all, he considers himself to be WAY smarter than anyone else, instead of being LACKING in the most crucial human experiences, as he in reality is. He has quickly convinced himself that he is special (he definitely is extremely DIFFERENT), and even though he will originally and at the deepest level feel very lonely and sad, he will turn this around by using his ego to believe that he is in fact the special Chosen One, born to be the top of the world. So he will sharpen his observational and psychological skills to the max, as they are the tools that will make his wishes a material reality. Therefore, totally naturally and predictably, Z will always be several psychological steps ahead of the empathic 'herd'. By the time the empaths have figured out that Z is actually “duping” people, Z has understood that the best weapon to fight accusations is the empaths' group-mentality. If denying isn't working anymore, and the nasty reality is uncovered, then he will quickly turn that very fact against the empaths: ridicule the victim. It works since forever. Ridicule anyone who is a possible danger to Z's scheming. Through the example of gullibility, we have already arrived at the answer to the question how Z will convince B and everybody else that doing what Z wants is for the greater good, to the benefit of all: psychology. Understanding how hidden psychological processes work wasn't first understood by Freud or Jung. These things were known millennia ago already. The crucial point is that psychological manipulation is what an illusionist's show is made of, and that it all only works as long as the audience does not KNOW how it is done. Just like magicians' tricks, it has always been imperative that the insights of psychology were kept away from the masses, kept secret and guarded as treasures by the psychopathic elite that depended on it to rule the masses.

Because that is in fact the only way that the few can rule the masses: they manage to manipulate and deceive the masses into consent. It's as simple as that. The reason why our world is so full of horrible things, is because we believe that they are good and needed, and that there is no other option. Obviously, the lie is by now so extreme and complex and has thousands if not tens of thousands of sides, and it has therefore become much more difficult to see the simple truth behind it. The smoke screen is the one thing that our society spends almost all of its resources on: Z has nothing else to do. It is his way of living and his way of ruling: there is nothing else that can have more importance in the life of Z. And Z is who we accept as our leader.

So now we are almost back to the start of this episode. IF the reality is that the few rule the many, they can ONLY do that through deceit. They can only do it through the consent of the many, and the many will only consent if they BELIEVE that what they do is good. The reality is however that it is not doing good. So we are in the situation where our OBSERVATIONS of reality contradict our indoctrinated BELIEFS. And we witness every day that we are ready to deny what we SEE in favour of what we BELIEVE.

Human history has probably been a bit more complex than what I describe above, but the basic principles should stand, as they have played a role undoubtedly: the logic and simple truth of this should be evident to all if they care to look at it. How and when and in what measure psychopathy came into humanity's history will be another matter, but the fact that it IS present creates an inescapable chain-reaction of events, that we can all recognise in the reality around us.

Now comes the really interesting part. It was inescapable that with the introduction of psychopathy in an empathic population, the psychopathic element, no matter how small, would DOMINATE the empaths in no time. But it is equally inescapable that there WILL come a moment that this deceit, this trickery, this manipulation, this scam, this gaslighting will be SEEN by the empaths. It may take a long time, and it HAS effectively taken a very long time, but unavoidably, the moment of awakening will come. Z has always known this. Even though it is the thought he hates the most, he knows it is unavoidable. Unless... he can somehow outsmart the empaths still further... But how? In the end, he cannot. Empathy is a thing. It is a real experience, a feeling, an energy. It is love, it is soul, it is unity, it is truth, it is light. And what is psychopathy? Nothing else but the ABSENCE of all of that. “There is no light without darkness”, Z has told the empaths. When we believe what Z says because we're trained to do exactly that, without questioning, it may seem to be logical and even true. But look at the facts. Light is a wave of photons. These are THINGS. Energy. Particles. And what is darkness? Nothing else but the STATE in which there is no light present. It is not SOMETHING, it is the SITUATION when a specific thing is NOT there. Light is an energy. Darkness is the word for the situation of the absence of that energy. These are very clearly not comparable entities. Moreover, it is obvious that light has nothing to do with darkness, let alone be dependent on it! What on earth will light care about darkness? When does light need darkness to exist? Nowhere ever. Light simply IS. It is on the contrary the existence of DARKNESS that depends on the presence or absence of light: whenever light is present, darkness DIES. The life of darkness is defined by one thing only: light, and whether or not it is present. Z knows this. Z knows that the empaths absolutely do not need him to rule them. He knows that, on the contrary, they are suffering ONLY because of him. The empaths are accepting his presence and his leadership to their own detriment.

This, they will realise one day. No matter what. There is no way that he can fool them eternally about this. They WILL see reality as it is, and that one day, he will lose everything he has. The whole complex set-up of a world of smoke and mirrors will be meaningless, suddenly and irreparably.

It is like the moment when someone sees the trick of the stage magician: the magic disappears instantly, the excitement is gone, there is only a very ingenious con-man at work. It's nothing to be spell-bound or mesmerised by. It simply is someone who is shrewd and cunning, and who has found ingenious ways to fool people. The magic isn't real. It's fake, and it is nothing but a fleeting moment of entertainment. It was fun while it lasted, and it is now not funny anymore. Z's only option is to delay this day endlessly. It's his only occupation, from the moment that he saw that this day would come, inevitably. He will do everything he can to make sure that this day is not today. Not tomorrow either. But certainly not today. Every day, he will fight to the death to make sure that today is NOT that day. What is the most crucial characteristic of Z's Doomsday? The empaths' understanding of what he does. Clearly seeing what reality is: seeing that they BELIEVE that Z is working “for the greater good”, but that in effect, the opposite is real. When the empaths understand that Z is detrimental to them, then all is over. So if he needs to live another day, Z needs to keep the mass of empaths believing that what he says is true and that reality is false. Not an easy task, because some of the empaths will figure it out rather quickly. How can they be prevented from waking up the rest?

That question is the reason why the most crucial part of Z's reign is to understand every last detail of deception: how is lying the most effective? Well, that's simple: when people like the lie better than the truth. Now there's a challenge: how do you make people WANT to believe a lie and feel horrible when they are confronted with the truth? Especially when believing the lie is bad for them and the truth is beneficial?

Z learned very early on that the bigger the lie is, the harder it is for people to stop believing it. If someone points at a tar road and says “that is white”, we all will dismiss him as insane, and not for one second entertain the idea that tar might be white. But if that same person points at a tar road and says “that is a very dark shade of grey”, we might be open to look a bit closer and think about what black and very dark grey actually are. Maybe there's something to what this person just said? As the saying goes: it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they've been fooled. That is one of the most useful insights Z discovered. If you can make people believe that black is white and white is black, it will be hard for anyone to make them understand that reality can be SO far from what is generally believed. Then there is the issue of time and numbers: the longer someone believes a lie, the harder it will be to make them see the truth. And the larger the group that believes and repeats a lie, the harder it will be for a person to look through it. But the best part came when Z discovered that you don't need RATIONALITY to make people believe a lie. In fact, if you can tie a lie to an existential FEELING, it becomes a totally different ball game altogether. If you can indoctrinate people to have existential fears when confronted with reality, and feel safe ONLY when they hear the lies, they are enslaved endlessly much stronger and deeper than by chains and bars.

This summary explanation only scratches the surface of the complexity of the web of lies that our society is made of, created by thousands of Z's, over millennia. The few can rule the masses because of one reason only: they have made people want to believe that reality is the opposite of what it actually is. The aim of my long expose here is to make some people question everything. To open them to the possibility and even the logical inevitability that in the end, almost everything that our society makes us believe, has to be a lie. Or at least cannot be accepted as truth at face value: it has to be part of the scam that keeps our completely illogical society running the way it runs.

It is, obviously, a very very unpleasant realisation. One that makes us feel uncomfortable to the core. But that is the task we have here: if we are living in the City at the Service of Truth, if we want to Cling to Truth, nothing else can matter than finding out the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth. And yes, so help us God, because it's one of the most difficult but most crucial tasks humanity ever got.

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