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[Once again a post in two parts: a short introduction and then a longer explanation of how it involves life in Auroville.]

There are two main reasons for the sorry situation that injustice rules our society: the perpetrators' denial, and the witnesses' silence.

The truth must be pointed out. But it hardly ever is. After millennia of very violent falsehood, it has become the most accepted behaviour to be scared to speak up. And yet, it is so easy to see: if the vast majority that stands by as the horrible crimes take place would loudly draw attention to them, and openly state the reality of the criminal and negative behaviour, it would be so hard for perpetrators to continue. And in the opposite situation – the one we actually live – the silence and fear of the people present sends a message of consent, and thereby encourages the evildoers to go on and do more, and worse. And the silence that follows these worse crimes, institutionalises injustice and allows it to become “the system” in which our society is rooted. Fear creates injustice.

Even this simple reality will be hard for many to acknowledge. Because it puts the blame for the rottenness of our society with ourselves. Which is generally way too uncomfortable for mainstream people to consider thinking about. It all hits too close to home. After all, there is a reason why the original fear was present in the first place. Once again, we're confronted with a vicious circle in which the negative root automatically creates only more of itself, a machine-like system that can only produce more of the one thing it is based on: rottenness. After so long, we justify this world-wide rottenness factory with the lie that we cannot change it. While it is very obvious for everyone to see that it can be changed in one second: once the vast, enormous majority that does not want injustice speaks out when injustice is being done, once that mass of people stops to give the signal of consent, then it is all over. Instantly. Just imagine that. My goal is never to make people feel bad, or to blame or judge people. What is needed is to acknowledge the TRUTH of what is happening. Not only our entire lives, but the lives of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and centuries, millennia of their ancestors have all been spent completely in silence and consent. That has created a groove of habit, which by now is no longer a groove, but a very deep cleft. It seems impossible to get out of. And yet, this is not a physical cleft. It's a mental one, and we can step out of it whenever we want. For some it may take too great an effort. For many it will be very hard. But it will only depend on the will and courage one has inside. The will to change this world into a better place. And the courage to do it.

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