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Aurovillage 20 B

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I'm not a Nazi-hunter. I don't seek revenge. I don't believe in tribunals.

All of that is based in the belief that the rottenness of our society comes only because of some individuals, and that simply removing these few individuals will solve everything. This belief, which holds a tiny kernel of truth but ignores the main cause, is in fact one of the central fallacies that keep the rotten basis of our society alive. Because removing a few individuals may seem to bring some temporary solace, but the root of the rottenness lies much deeper. It is systemic, it is the foundation on which the society was built. The individuals are only the outer actors of a script that is written in the unknown, hidden depths.

Even though I speak very harshly, with biting sarcasm, my aim is not to judge or blame individuals. The aim is to make the persons who are not totally sucked into the cult delusion stop for a moment and actually THINK about what is happening, be able to acknowledge it, see it more clearly, understand the root cause, so that we can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. If we don't understand what exactly is wrong here, we can replace all of the worshipped pioneers with new heroes and gurus, we can change the obsession with eco-hippie-living with an ashram-city doctrine, we can turn the institutionalised selfish profiteering into a forced acceptance of some sort of communism: all of that won't make Auroville any better, it will only change the dress that the rottenness wears. We will be unable to change anything, if we don't see, acknowledge and understand WHY that Auroville is so deeply rotten today.

That is the reason that I keep hammering on the cult-nail. That is why I try to make people think for themselves, by exposing absurdities in the claims that are being made. People need to SEE what is and has been going on, otherwise, we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

If the old and revered members of the Aurovillage cult would be confronted with a video-recording of their actions, they would not be able to accept that it is THEM in the videos doing THAT what is shown. They will claim that what we see is not what we see, that there are circumstances that make the actions justified. This may be true, but let's, for the sake of argument, imagine that we can see ALL circumstances and happenings, and are able to see the big picture in a neutral way. Even then, they will not be able to accept it, because the emotional, psychological mindset they were in will not be shown. And THAT is the only reason why they did what they did: how they thought and felt, and what they believed and were convinced of. Amrit, in his memoirs called Children of Change, wrote a courageous but widely ignored account of some of the horrors that were inflicted upon fellow-Aurovilians here in the early 80s. He remembers that much later, he confronted one of the perpetrators with his brutal acts, and the reaction was a total, blunt denial. Because the cult members can only live with themselves if they can pretend that it was different from what it was, and since some actions are simply NEVER acceptable, they have no option but to convince themselves that it never happened. THAT is why the rosy rainbow cult's lies about the early days of Auroville need to be repeated over and over and over again: because they need to cover up the little voice of Conscience that these people still may have inside them. They need to constantly prove the "reality" of the lie instead of having to live with the knowledge of the truth.

Does this all mean that Auroville was and is governed by evil people? No. Reality is much simpler than that. The immense urge for material, emotional and psychological comfort is enough to turn many good people into silent bystanders when evil deeds are being done. We all need to belong, need to feel safe, and that urge almost always wins from the knowledge that “this is wrong”. For many of us, “being part of the herd” is so strong that it simply overrules are personal judgement.

To really understand how society functions, we need to accept hidden realities. Forces that seek to influence our actions, that push us to do things. For better or for worse; to bring positive change, or negative outcomes.

The materialist world-view will never be able to explain reality in any meaningful way. In order to understand why society is the way it is, we need to see and accept that “intent” is something non-tangible, but the main issue in our world. What is the intention of our actions? What goal do we want to achieve? Is that a positive or a negative one?

The very vast majority of people have nothing but good intentions. It is this very root problem, the ability of an extremely tiny portion of humanity to abuse good intentions to materialise negative actions, that is being addressed in this most crucial time in history.

Is it not remarkable how we ourselves help in this process, by simply, without really questioning, believing things we have been told since childhood?

Take gullibility for instance. Gullibility is a character trait that is met with scorn and ridicule. It is considered to be a “bad” thing, a negative feature that needs to be rooted out if we want to be intelligent human beings. But what is “gullibility” really? It is nothing but the natural expectation of not being lied to, not being cheated, and being treated honestly. Why would that be negative? What is wrong with expecting that all people are honest and good-willing? Isn't that exactly showing that someone is a GOOD person? If someone does not expect evil intent, does that not show that that person themself has no evil intent? So why do we all automatically look down on “gullible” people? And blame them for being a good person? Is there any other reason than that we are trained to do so, and pride ourselves in not being gullible only because it puts us in line with social behaviour? Granted, one can say that it is better to not be gullible, because being gullible comes usually at very great cost in our society. It is good to be able to see reality for what it is, and to be on one's guard in a world full of falsehood and evil intent. But rather than just accepting this as “that's just the way it is”, would it not be again much smarter to see that we are all born gullible? That we all have a totally natural proclivity to not expect evil intent? So if that is the case, who on earth created this society in which the opposite is true, and in which it is considered very smart and street-wise to simply ALWAYS expect evil intent? What do we really want? A better world? Or material, emotional and psychological comfort? And if we want the comfort, how much of evil are we willing to do for it? Or probably way more importantly: how much evil are we willing to ignore in order to retain our comfort?

Is not the whole struggle today to come to terms with this question? Understand what really happens, why our good intentions result in bad actions, and create a collective attitude that can only be described as “facilitating that evil deeds are done with impunity”? The members and employees of the Sri Aurobindo Society were probably full of good intentions. So when and why did they turn into a very arrogant, harsh, intolerant dictatorship? The people coming to Auroville – wherever they came from – were most probably full of good intentions. So when and why did they turn into a very arrogant, harsh, intolerant cult? How does a collective of good-willing people become a mob that normalises very dark and horrible behaviour? That accepts, silently, that the most horrendous acts are done, without anybody being held accountable? How will we ever change that, if it is not acceptable to even discuss this?

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