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Aurovillage 18

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

They have declared themselves. Desperately trying to keep a semblance of justified authority, the Aurovillage cult has shown all of us how few they really are.

The Aurovillagers are only 1/3 of the adult population of Auroville.

How do we know that? Because they themselves organised an activity in which they asked all of their supporters to come forward and show their support, anonymously, in a voting event.

With all the feverish canvassing of a political campaign, they used their positions to pressure every single Aurovilian to cast a vote in support of their blocking of the city development.

And the result was that they have been able to gather only 1/3 of the adult Aurovilians, no doubt overwhelmingly Western.

To really appreciate this result, you have to see it clearly in its context of Auroville being run for decades by these Aurovillagers. They have silenced the vast majority by emotional bullying, and made sure that people are scared to speak their minds. Openly expressing opinions that go against the cult narrative is for almost everyone here too much to handle. Yes, that IS the reality: speaking up is suppressed by fear-mongering in this “peaceful international spiritual model township”.

Can anyone believe that I am praised to be “courageous” for writing this blog? I am “courageous” because I simply say the truth of what is happening in Auroville! A truth that is common knowledge here. Many people have told me they are so happy that someone is putting the simple truth out there, but they don't want to openly show support for me because of the avalanche of nasty reactions they will get.

Can anyone fully appreciate the absurdity that one of my friends, who is also openly denouncing this false cult narrative, had to meet some people asking for help inside her house instead of in a public space, because they were too scared to be seen with her in public?

That is how strong the emotional hold of the Aurovillagers is over the “community”. It's insane.

And still, ONLY ONE THIRD of that “community” was willing to express their support in an anonymous voting event. Why is this so important? Because the Aurovillagers, in their desperate attempts to keep control over Auroville, have launched two offensives. The first and most important is the legal fight in the courts, based on the perception of Auroville as an ecovillage where “forests” need protection against “government brutality”. An Auroville in which “old” and “outdated” urban plans are used to raze a beautiful “present-day”, “green” ground reality. Where valuable trees are being sacrificed for some old-fashioned and meaningless prestige project. In addition to this legal fight, they have launched a fierce propaganda war in the media, to influence the judges with “public opinion” that is supposed to be overwhelmingly in favour of their claims to power. They want to spread the perception of Auroville as a peaceful international community where people of many nations live together in harmony, until the government interfered early December. They paint a picture of peaceful Aurovilians against an authoritarian GoI, of Tamil Nadu against Delhi, of Congress against BJP, of spiritual, international Auroville against petty, national interests.

For anyone who is still willing and able to know the truth of the matter, it will not be so hard to see that both the narratives are complete falsehoods. Perception is the key to power: if you can control what people think, you control what they will do. And the basis of what people think is how they perceive reality.

What they are relentlessly putting out in the media, is that they “are Auroville”. Without any moral hesitation, they claim to speak for all of us. They constantly present this fight as being “the Aurovilians” against “the government”. Inside versus outside. Meaning that they claim to be ALL of Auroville. The pie chart above shows clearly that this is nothing but a blatant lie. What are the rest of the population? Cattle? Deplorables? They clearly want nobody to understand that they, the “poor victims”, are in reality a minority within Auroville. They want the public to simply not know that we, all the other Aurovilians, even do exist. Or they want them to think that WE are the minority!

In order to make sure they can effectively spread the lies far and wide, they have assured the control over the “official” Auroville media. Every Auroville media outlet is held by them: Outreach Media, Auroville Today, News & Notes, Auroville Radio, the Auroville International centres, and also the smaller propaganda units like Tube Thambi are all relentlessly pumping out the same emotional message: “Auroville is under attack from the government. The Aurovilians want peace and eco-friendly living, the government wants power and a concrete jungle.”

Why were they able to have all of that power? Because THEY saw the importance of propaganda before anyone else. Because most of the Aurovilians have come to Auroville to live in a different way, and don't want to be involved in these political power games. Resulting in the fact that the Aurovillagers got an empty playing field to build over time a little media kingdom with no competition.

So here's the result of a big propaganda campaign on display: 1/3 of the population publishes everywhere that they are the WHOLE population. Where are WE? Why are we not heard and seen? Do we really count for nothing?

The room in the Ashram where the newspapers were kept was named “Falsehood” by the Mother. Around the Banyan Tree is a ring with the inscription “Auroville, the City at the Service of Truth”. The Auroville media outlets with their endless stream of manipulative misrepresentations, half-truths and outright lies are a total disgrace for Mother's Auroville. If not a brutal violation of Her Dream and Sri Aurobindo's yoga.

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