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Aurovillage 15

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Let me continue trying to expose contradictions in the Aurovillage narrative. First of all (and as mentioned in several previous episodes), we need to agree that Auroville was intended to be a CITY. There is no known documentation or record in which the Mother did not make it very clear that she created Auroville as a city for 50,000 persons. Anyone who claims that the Mother wanted something else needs to provide proof of that. Claiming that by now She would have wanted something totally different is obviously nonsensical: anybody can imagine anything that did not actually happen. If we want to have a meaningful, rational discussion, if we want to look at facts, we obviously need to stay away from simple conjecture and fantasy. (I'm not saying this for no reason: the claim that the Mother would by now have changed her whole outlook is very loudly part of the Aurovillage defence.) Secondly, we need to agree that the Galaxy Plan was prominently on display at Auroville's inauguration on February 28,1968. It existed before anybody lived in Auroville. Every single Aurovilian, past or present, dead or alive, here or abroad, foreigner or Indian, young or old, for or against, literally EVERY SINGLE person on the Masterlist (a list of masters?), joined the project of THAT city. Again, if someone claims that this is not fact: show your proof. We have recorded testimony in which Frederick admits that he was twisting Roger's arm to be allowed to build the first house on the site of the planned city. He and others made the promise that when needed, the trees would be cut, the houses broken down. After some 5 decades, the actions of last month clearly denounce these promises as lies. This is not to pass judgement on Frederick or anyone else. But if we are to have a real and meaningful discussion, we have to put the facts on the table. And these are the facts. Next: there have been admissions that the Youth Centre and the Bliss Forest trees were put purposefully on the freshly marked Crown Road, as a protest against the city. Yes, a protest against the city the Mother wanted Auroville to be. The city everyone came to live in here. Or at least, they came to live on the location where they knew perfectly well that this city was meant to be built. These admissions were not really needed to establish the fact. Enough witnesses have orally informed the newer residents, it was already common knowledge. And even without that testimony, a simple timeline would make for a very convincing case of circumstantial evidence. So we know for a fact that these actions were taken in order to create difficulties and 'faits accomplis' when the road would be paved or other city development started. You might argue that these actions were in fact "reactions", as they were a reaction to the marking of the Crown Road. That would be bending the meaning of the word "reaction" in the context of cause and effect, as they are not the logical, expected result of the marking of the Crown Road. They are a reaction that can only be seen as to be expected or anticipated if we interpret the marking of the Crown Road as a violation of former agreements, or an unexpected, sudden development that turned the existing situation upside down. The opposite is true: everybody knew and had – at least de facto – accepted that the Galaxy Plan was going to be built here. It seems from the recent publications that people now claim collective amnesia in order to explain the blatant volte-face. Or would logic suggest that dishonesty is more widespread here than they want to have known? I want to add one point here: the people who made this "protest" expected an immediate and violent reaction. Which never came. Please think about this and remember it when we move on. They were NOT met with a violent reaction, although they ANTICIPATED it. Now knowing all this, shall we look at some claims made today? Is it still necessary? Is the pile of evidence so far not already making the house of cards very shaky? Let me insert some important remark before we move on. It strikes me all the time. Every second of discussion and meeting and presentation, it is THERE, in front of everything: the core issue is sincerity. We can talk and talk and discuss and brainstorm and dreamweave and present and conference and retreat and spend years and decades on the topic of Auroville, but without some basic sincerity, it is all nothing else than an immense ego tripping waste of time. The list of quotes in which the Mother emphasizes that without sincerity, nothing can be done, would be very, very long. Anyone with the least bit of sincerity and knowledge of Mother's words can affirm this. Obviously, A LOT can be done without sincerity. History is made up of stuff done insincerely. What the Mother means, self-evidently, is that nothing SPIRITUAL can be done. Nothing that helps the world, nothing for humanity, nothing that wants to help the Divine Life manifest on Earth. Now my obvious question is: how much of sincerity have we already encountered so far in our analysis of Aurovillage? Keep that in mind when you read about Auroville, here or elsewhere. Let's look at some more contradictions. The next point is the Gaia frisbee field. Created about five years ago, I somehow still haven't gotten real information about it. At that time I didn't care: they want to have an enormous frisbee field, so be it, it's anyway a 'fait accompli" (there seems to be a pattern here), who cares. But until this day, as far as I know, absolutely nothing has been published about it. While it is an enormous piece of land on the border of the Cultural Zone with the Greenbelt, fully cleared of trees. It's endlessly bigger than the disputed Crown Road stretches. Anyone can immediately spot it on the satellite image, it's completely obvious: the largest cleared plot that is actually Auroville land, having only some competition in size from the Matrimandir Lake excavations. So where was or is the outcry about the clearing of that field? Why was this done in total public silence? How many trees were cut? Why is this never discussed or clarified? It's located in Gaia, a community that has only a few houses but consists mostly of trees. That an immense number of them needed to be cut to create this field seems no problem at all here. Even after having been called out weeks ago already, it's still total radio silence from their side. While shrouded in mystery, one thing is indisputable: the field IS. An immense, cleared plot of land in the midst of Auroville's "deemed forest". Speaking of a "deemed forest", here's the next point. Navroz and Sandeep brought a court case against the Foundation before the National Green Tribunal, claiming that the Foundation was violating the Forest Conservation Act by bulldozing "deemed forest". The legal definition of such "deemed forest" is quite complex, and obviously aims at protecting whatever is left of India's forests against the interests of big developers, including the government. (Remember episode 5 where I pointed out that most of the hippie agenda is now accepted policy?) However, it is obvious that you need to stretch up your imagination beyond its limit to believe that Bliss "forest" somehow is part of India's green assets and a forest that needs protection. Most blatantly, if it was such an important state asset, how can the Aurovillagers be the self-appointed in-charges, deciding not only where pathways go, but also that buildings and structures can be built in this "deemed forest" when and where the Aurovillagers want it? How honest is it to claim that Auroville's City Area is suddenly and without any procedure a protected forest, with nothing else than the 'fait accompli' of having planted trees there over the past twenty-odd years as an argument? How is such a claim defendable and compatible with being an "Aurovilian", a "willing servitor of the Divine consciousness"? Still, the court case is a fact, and immensely celebrated in Aurovillage, as it has suspended the clearing work in Darkali since December 10th. The judges will decide about the case in the coming weeks, and in the meantime you can decide about the motives of the cult members who took this action. On the same topic, we can point out the fact that court cases or even going to the police as individual Aurovilians has always been vilified in Aurovillage. The cult wanted to deal with conflict internally – very predictably, all cults function that way. Only when the cult leaders feel a court case is needed to protect the interests of the cult, then it is allowed to go to court. Individual Aurovilians are strongly emotionally blackmailed not to go to the police, and the hysterical outcry when Sumit filed a case against Eric is still ringing loudly in our ears, even after several years. But there are many more cases where the Aurovilians effectively did NOT go to the police, even when being severely harassed or mistreated by our "sisters and brothers". Compare that to the praise given to these heroes who were able to stop the JCB (even if only temporarily). The same principle was enforced with regards to communications: the cult has its own propaganda outlets, and its own official media contacts that will deal with outside media. Individual members are strongly dissuaded to talk to journalists unless they have been approved by the cult. Outreach Media claimed that whatever was filmed or interviewed in Auroville needed their approval – deserving of the nickname "Aurostasi". If someone had criticism on the cult dealings, we were supposed to voice them on our internal forum ("Auronet"). With the rising of criticism even there, a policy of censorship was recently implemented, to make sure the cult narrative was not drowned in the noise of dissident voices. But suddenly, lo and behold! Now that the Foundation has punched an immense hole in the Aurovillage autonomy balloon, it's a race to the outside media! Suddenly having petitions and huge alarmist posts put up on all possible media, social or asocial, and publishing large articles all over the internet is no longer a crime, no, it's THE thing to do: find outside support based on emotional blackmail to fight the enemy we can't fight with any other weapon... In this information war, the Foundation reacted by deposing Outreach Media and installing its own spokespersons. That was a very logical and normal thing to do: Outreach Media was not only suddenly allowing but also actively promoting publications that portrayed the Secretary and the Foundation as villains, using framing and misrepresentation in order to emotionally influence public opinion into supporting the cult. Which brings us to the next fact: what exactly happened in the Youth Centre that early morning after the "youth" had sent out a call for help to dismantle the structures and clear the Right of Way? Testimony of people present, and a filmed admission by Wazo, make it indisputably clear that the youth themselves (whatever that means in Aurovillage) had agreed to the demands of the Foundation, in return for guarantees of compensation. But that next morning, some older Aurovillagers, with Wazo according to himself in a prominent role, convinced the "youth" that they should NOT break down the buildings and clear the Right of Way, but that it was a much better idea to break their promise and agreement instead. (Sincerity and spirituality, anyone?) Let the JCB come and we'll film it. That will make for a huge scene which we'll use as emotional ammunition for a big media campaign against the Foundation and the Secretary in particular. Which is exactly what happened. Are you part of those who fell into the Aurovillagers' trap? Don't beat yourself up. Having our goodness abused against us is the hallmark of the old world based on falsehood. It's to change this that the Mother founded Auroville. Ironic, isn't it? So what about the claim that Auroville was so peaceful and harmonious before December 2021? It must be one of the most hypocritical statements one can make here. As already mentioned in episode 3, the people who came here not for the present reality but for the coming city did not make such an enormous stink when they did not get it their way as we see the Aurovillagers do today. People who benefit from an abusive system pretend that that system does not exist. People who are allowed to have it their way have no conflict and live in peace. The divides have always existed here. I've written about them on Auronet since years. I've denounced the cult and its delusional narrative. It all didn't matter, did not make a ripple in the pool of self-indulgence that the cult has been living in. After all, I was only a simple powerless dissident, not a Secretary with legal authority. When she came onto the scene, she did not just make a ripple in the pool. She pulled the plug and let the water run out! That's quite an effect of a different magnitude, sure, but it isn't the reason for the present divide. That divide existed always, as the cult narrative from the start was in conflict with the Charter and everything Auroville is meant to be. Do I need to go on? Do we need to talk about the 150,000 trees that are claimed to be threatened by the Crown Road development? Yes, you read that correctly. The Aurovillagers don't do half work to save the cult: if we're going to appeal to emotion, we go the extra mile. They publicly claim that no less than HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND trees will STILL need to be cut, while almost all of the Crown Road Right of Way is cleared and only about a dozen trees were pushed over during the few days that shocked Aurovillage. The only way to get to such numbers is if you count every "mulu" (thorny creepers) and every last bit of wild growth that needs to be cleared to be able to pave the Crown Road. Anyone who has been here and used their eyes knows that this place gets overgrown with wild stuff in a few months, when left alone. Equally, everybody who has ever set a foot in here knows that Auroville is made up of wild growth, trees (still mostly non-indigenous species), fields, and here and there a building. What do the Aurovillagers say when you dare add another building? "You're creating a concrete jungle!!!" I kid you not. Is it becoming clear that Mother's Auroville was hijacked long ago by the Aurovillage cult? Is it becoming clear that the cult narrative cannot defend itself with actual facts and honesty, but necessarily has to bend reality to fit the cult delusion bubble? That the cult members can only appeal to emotional support to defend their actions and demands? That when looked at rationally, it all falls apart? That sincerity is the key to understanding everything, and to the only real progress we can ever make? The Mother urged us (and it's on display on the staircase in the Ashram): "Cling to Truth". One last fact: around the Banyan Tree you can find a ring inscribed with the one epithet the Mother gave Auroville that is literally never quoted: "Auroville, la Ville au Service de la Vérité". In French and in Tamil. It means "Auroville, the City at the Service of Truth". Why would it be that the Aurovillage cult never uses this so deeply spiritual title?

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