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Aurovillage 13

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I feel like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and over again. That's because, just like in the rest of the world, this is an information war. At the centre of the fight is what people consider to be reality. What are the facts? Do they even matter? Are emotions more important than facts? I try to say things that will make people think for themselves about what reality is. I'm probably not doing a very good job, but it still is the only goal. Trying to reveal what the loud voices want to keep hidden. So that people can have all pieces of the puzzle on the table, and put them together with their own rationality. Once more: I'm not attacking individuals. Individuals are sometimes essential in the unfolding events, but even so, they are condoned and supported by the "community". The issue that needs to be addressed is that a collective narrative has been created, over decades, and that that narrative is not real. It's a lie. It's a rosy picture that covers a dark reality. Many people have invested their time and energy to make sure that that picture grows, painting it with lots of bright colours, spreading it far and wide. There's an immense collective effort to make sure that this picture is seen everywhere, so that as many people as possible believe that it is reality. This is done mainly unconsciously, and mostly without malice. It is done because we are indoctrinated to behave like that. It brings emotional comfort, it fills the hole that real spiritual sadhana is supposed to fill. Sadhana is difficult and tedious. Believing and repeating a cult narrative is easy and immediate. But it remains a lie. In the end, it simply is not true. Lying was such a basic, low attitude that the Mother didn't even consider putting such a thing into the Auroville Charter or The Dream or To Be A True Aurovilian. It's the most basic thing if you have ANY aspiration to a higher life, to a better world. How can anything ever get better if we keep justifying this most nasty habit of lying? Our society is based on falsehood, so if we want to change ANYTHING, the first and most simple action is to stop lying, obviously. Otherwise, how can we even claim to want a different world? Those who like to lie will naturally feel like fish in water in the "old" world. And still the Mother had to tell the Aurovilians not to lie. How painful can Auroville's beginning be? This is the only task or challenge for anyone who wants to understand what is happening in Auroville: look beyond the lies. Find the facts. Piece together the real picture. Discard all of the loudly proclaimed emotional smoke-screens. Find the truth. It is possible. Keep focused on what has been DONE. Find the facts that are being ignored or white-washed with lots of emotional pushing. Look at the facts that are brushed over with truckloads of talk about "unity", "harmony" and "together". Look at where the context is missing. Where you get some historical perspective, and where things are presented as if hanging in the air, disconnected from any real, historical situation. Check where actions are tied to Auroville's aims and ideals, to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, to spiritual growth. And check where all that is not even mentioned. Where the actions are justified by emotional arguments that are totally disconnected from spiritual growth. There is so much to be discovered. So much to be understood. So much to be seen. Because every day, the world of falsehood fights to survive another day, holding humanity in its grip, repeating the same old lies, convincing people that emotional comfort is the highest good, that black is white. And that they have to take offence if someone tries to question that.

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