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Aurovillage 12

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

What is becoming clearer every day is that the part of Auroville which I call "Aurovillage", is in reality the opposite of the whole intention the Mother had for Auroville. Because of that blatant contradiction, everything is now staked on the interpretation of literally everything that was ever said or written about Auroville, either by the Mother or in any legal document. The whole Aurovillage defence is now a desperate attempt to prove that all that was happening here so far, was the exact and correct realisation of what the Mother wanted or what the government ever turned into legal documents. It's a very desperate course of action, doomed to fail. How easy is it to see that Auroville is completely dysfunctional? How easy is it to see that we were not invited to come and create something from scratch here? That we were invited to come and live according to The Dream? That we were not invited to come and live out our OWN dream, or whatever WE think an ideal life is? She obviously wanted to build a city that would be populated with us, not us coming and deciding what this whole Auroville project should be about and look like. How simple is it to see that the present reality is the opposite of what She asked for? The Mother wanted Auroville to be a city (clearly because living closely together is the best way to grow spiritually) of 50,000 residents. But the Aurovillagers turned that into an ecovillage of maximum 5,000 persons living far apart in large houses with private gardens and swimming pools. The Mother wanted no possession or property, with Auroville belonging to nobody. But the Aurovillagers turned it into their property: owning large pieces of land that they never had to buy. The Mother wanted Aurovilians to work for the collective, as their main occupation. But the Aurovillagers turned that into working for personal profit or not working at all. The Mother wanted no older people joining Auroville, and no personal finances. But the Aurovillagers turned that into "no money, no entry", promoting a lifestyle where personal funds (and thus financial independence, available mostly to older people) are key to a cosy life. The Mother wanted Aurovilians to take care of all their chores. But the Aurovillagers turned that into a society in which Westerners are the in-charges and non-Aurovilian locals do all the manual work. The Mother wanted no money exchange in Auroville. But the Aurovillagers turned that into a money-minded society where everything is about rupees - not even being capable of the first and most simple step of creating an internal alternative currency to start creating financial independence of the city as a whole. The Mother wanted no meetings and no talking, but only DOING: materially realising the city and a different life. But the Aurovillagers turned that into endless meetings: it's very easy to have a life running from meeting to meeting here. Always talking, never doing. The Mother wanted sincerity, honesty and respect for all, having the Truth as the main guiding principle. "Never tell a lie." But the Aurovillagers turned that into "at least we're lying for truth", gossiping all day long, claiming that black is white and everything is so spiritual here. The Mother wanted us to grow in consciousness, learn to live in harmony, see each other as the Divine. But the Aurovillagers, not willing to look at the root of our behaviour, never even discovered the deep indoctrination that makes Western people think they own the world and do everything better than any other culture possibly could. Latent racism and colonialism is the normal, accepted behaviour, adding insult to injury in this country that has not fully recovered from its long colonial trauma. All of this is now claimed to be simply not true, or wrongly presented or interpreted. But the reality still is: what on earth does Aurovillage have to show for itself? Having planted some trees? A "forest" that after some initial years of looking after the seedlings, completely takes care of itself and grows like wildfire? A forest built with invasive foreign species? A forest planted where the city is supposed to be, making it impossible to even start building the city that we were invited to? Is that Mother's Dream? Really??

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