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Aurovillage 11

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The level of entitlement and delusion in Aurovillage is astronomical, setting new record highs on a daily basis. The Mother wanted to have a city built as fast as possible, as a location for her spiritual project. This city had to accommodate the Aurovilians, as well for their lodgings as for their occupations. In the absence of funds to build the city quickly, and under the pressure of having SOMETHING rather than nothing, a bunch of hippie foreigners were allowed to live here on the pretext of creating a different and ideal society. From literally every discussion she ever had, it is obvious that the Mother tried to work with whomever she stumbled upon (or whomever stumbled upon her). The basic attitude of sincerity she automatically assumed every human being to have, was generally either not there to start out with, or very quickly replaced by a bloated ego. "The Mother accepted ME!" "The Mother gave me THIS name!" "The Mother chose ME for this work!" Because this was the prevailing reaction, it seems to have become the accepted way instead of the shameful, complete opposite of what was expected of sadhaks. In Aurovillage, the same total falsehood reigned supreme: when someone went to the Mother with questions and came back, the answers were obviously not what the Aurovillagers wanted to hear, and thus the messenger was claimed to have invented all the answers. License was the norm. Free sex, drugs, living it up, giving a big fat middle finger to any form of government: that was the reality, while the brochures spoke of "a new humanity". Mother's exasperation is very clearly expressed in her description of the Aurovilians being a "SUBhumanity" instead of the intended "SUPERhumanity". But, as we already explained, when abuse is allowed to fester for a long time, entitlement doubles, quadruples, octuples and very quickly reaches for the sky. So now we are faced with people falling from these astronomically high thrones down to a very different reality compared to the rosy clouds they have lived in all these years. They find it unacceptable that they are being told that this land doesn't belong to them. They find it unimaginable that the Indian government sets any requirement they wish in order to hand them a visa. They find it outrageous that people do not kiss their feet for "having created a forest on barren land". They find it disgusting that people do not revere them for having profiteered for decades. They find that their entitlement is so divinely deserved, that the mere act of voicing doubt about it is heresy. They find everything that questions or disproves their delusional narrative simply "evil". It would actually be comical if it wasn't so sadly, stupidly real.

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